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As an E-Commerce agency, we at a-Gil provide support for all e-commerce projects. Together, we ensure sustainable online growth and customized solutions.


The a-Gil Team

Here is our team of E-Commerce experts. In addition to their specialties and jobs, you can also find out how our team members got into online shopping and which marketplaces they themselves prefer to shop on.

Sascha Gillessen

Sascha Gillessen

Founder & Managing Director

“I prefer to shop online. My main go-to places are Amazon, Zalando and Nike. I also like offline shopping in many cases. Mostly when I don’t know yet what I actually need. But especially when I’m looking for good advice.”

Billie Maus

Billie Maus

E-Commerce & Strategy

“My favorite place to shop online is the marketplace Zalando, because I get everything from beauty to clothes there and see the latest trends. Closely followed by that, I also quite like shopping online on Amazon or offline together with friends.”

Jan Breuer

Jan Breuer

E-Commerce & Marketplace Management

“The first time I ordered online was when I was 11. Back then, it was still via Amazon vouchers. In the meantime, I mainly shop online. If I do decide to shop offline, I prefer to visit cities with a large selection of stores.”

Jonas Ropohl

Jonas Ropohl

E-Commerce & Marketplace Management

“My first port of call when I ever need something is usually Amazon. For clothes, I like to fall back on Zalando. But I often still shop offline, especially for expensive products where you need expert advice.”

Melanie Arroyo Wilker

Melanie Arroyo Wilker

E-Commerce & Marketplace Management

“Shopping online has become by far the most convenient option for me. Because of their wide selection, Zalando and Amazon are my personal favorite marketplaces. However, some products I prefer to buy offline.”

Muriel Dunke

Muriel Dunke

Social Media & PR

“I love to go strolling, yet I order a lot online. If I have my heart set on something specific, I often find it better to buy online than in a brick-and-mortar store. My top favorites currently include Zalando, Amazon and Nakd.”

Noemi Aaron O. Bong

Noemi Aaron O. Bong

Sales and Business Development

“I prefer shopping offline because I can get advice on the spot, and I could take the product home immediately if I like it. However, online shopping is becoming more and more relevant to me as I can fill the gap of advice through for example YouTube reviews and blog posts. Amazon is my favorite in this, as there is a huge selection here.”

Reasons for a-Gil

Now that you know our team members, here are the most important reasons why we as an E- Commerce agency can generate sustainable growth for your business as well. We look forward to hearing from you!


1. We develop analog & digital


Our omnichannel approach

a-Gil supports you in classifying E-Commerce and the associated potentials and in developing measures that are in line with your activities in offline retail.

Together we master the channel specific challenges of online retail and sychnronize them with your offline activities.

2. We think internationally


E-Commerce is global

a-Gil advises you on topics relating to the German market, but also internationally. The majority of E-Commerce players are international, which is why we are.

We have experience in many relevant E-Commerce markets around the world and are active there.

3. We deliver customized solutions


“Standard” mostly does not work

a-Gil is reliably at your side and offers individual solutions for your topics. A multitude of successfully completed projects confirms that there is rarely a one-fits-all-solution.

We analyze your specific situation and develop individual recommendations for action on this basis.

4. We love beauty & personal care


Category Know-how is essential

a-Gil clearly focuses on the categories Beauty & Personal Care. This enables us to offer you the best possible solutions for your needs.

In addition, we have an extensive global network of trading partners and distributors.



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