• Sascha Gillessen | a-Gil

2020 Singles Day results

115 billion USD!

This crazy number shows the generated sales of Alibaba and JD during the “Singles Day” shopping event period in China. A new record.

- Alibaba achieved more than 74 billion USD in sales, a plus of 34 billion USD vs. 2019

- JD achieved almost 41 billion USD in sales, a plus of 10 billion USD vs. 2019

The giant growth in comparison to 2019 is also linked to the extension of the event period from 1 day in 2019 to 11 days in 2020.

I am sure that this event will get more and more relevant in Europe as well and will potentially become an interesting addition to other shopping events like Black Friday.


Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/12/singles-day-2020-alibaba-and-jd-rack-up-record-115-billion-of-sales.html