• Sascha Gillessen | a-Gil

Amazon and your brand perception.

“Amazon is not good for our brand perception.” – It depends!

You are putting a lot of effort into the management and development of your several physical and online (key) accounts. Why?

Because you like to ensure:

1) catchy product presentation

2) outstanding positioning

3) huge visibility

Do so with Amazon as well.

Take a look into your brands and products at Amazon.

Can you answer 1, 2 and 3 with a simple YES? Very good.

NO? I highly recommend to improve this.

Have in mind that Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers and a hot spot for product researches for potential shoppers. There is a big opportunity by presenting your brands and products in the same professional way you are doing it anywhere else. Ensure that your potential consumers and fans get the right information in an appealing way. Otherwise, Amazon is maybe not good for your brand perception.