• Sascha Gillessen | a-Gil

How is Marvis doing?

I am happy to share some insights regarding our journey with Marvis.

Marvis a-Gil a-gil.com E-Commerce

SOMMAIRE BEAUTÉ and a-Gil started the collaboration last year. I am very glad and proud about our achievements.

Together we managed to bring the Amazon business of Marvis to the next level. We targeted a sustainable development approach and we achieved this goal.

🚀 We reached a massive growth in sell-in and sell-out

🔎 We improved the visibility of the brand

📈 We upgraded the quality of the product listings

List goes on.

I would like to use the opportunity to introduce our new Marvis brand store.

Thank you for the trust and the great cooperation SOMMAIRE BEAUTÉ! I am looking forward to the further journey with you.