• Sascha Gillessen | a-Gil

Why offline versus online? It should be an AND!

It is 2020, the Internet is existing for decades now and almost everybody in Germany is using it. Same situation in many countries in the world.

This is also effecting your marketing & sales channels. Consumers are having several ways to do their product research – off- and online. Same goes for the transaction.

Even though these topics are clear to many companies I am still getting the following remarks when it comes to business development or new business:

- E-Commerce is a big risk for the offline presence

- E-Commerce is extremely price aggressive

- It is too early to move into E-Commerce

- It is not possible to touch and feel products online and it is difficult to attract consumers

STOP thinking in risks - START thinking in opportunities!

STOP thinking in versus - START thinking in AND!

A lot of companies started their business offline and it is still the most important sales channel for many. And for sure it is necessary to develop and expand the physical distribution. Do so! AND there is also another interesting channel – online. I believe in a solid omnichannel strategy to maximize your business.